Gifts for Baby shower and maternity gifts

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Rattle, Leaves - OCS Mix Blue

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Pacifier Holder - GOTS Fiori

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Swaddle - GOTS Seabed

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Baby Ball - OCS Grey Wave

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The best gift for a baby shower

Our universe is filled with essential things you could gift for a baby shower or use as a maternity gift. We create baby equipment in beautiful prints and calming colours to support both baby and parent/parents. The important part is to buy something that is going to be useful. Cam Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a wide range of items that can be used from the very first couple of days and that will last a lifetime, across many generations.

What is a good maternity- or baby shower gift?

When you have to buy a maternity gift or a gift for a baby shower, it is a good idea to find a long-lasting item – and maybe even an item with more than one purpose. Like a changing table that can be used as a dresser when the baby gets older or a mobile that can hang over the changing area when the baby is little and later be used as decoration in the ceiling or in the window. Or maybe playmats for tummy time and neck training that is later used to make caves and forts as the baby grows into a toddler. If you choose to buy a gift for the first weeks with a newborn, it is wise to go for an item that will help the parents as well. Whether it is something to help them get their hands free or something, you know they will use a lot in their new life as parents. There are many things you can buy for a newborn baby (and their parent/parents) – Muslin cloths for the diaper bag and changing table, swaddles to create security and warmth, accessories for the baby clot or stroller.

A gift for the nursery

Decorating the nursery is an essential part of getting ready for the little baby. If you buy a maternity- or baby shower gift for the nursery, you are guaranteed to give a gift that will last for many years. In our universe, you will find a wide selection of furniture and accessories to decorate the nursery. Beddings and blankets in calming prints are the perfect gifts and will also create a beautiful aesthetic in the nursery.

The stimulating gift for playing and learning

Babies grow at rapid speed, and before you know it, they will run around and play. Buying toys that can be used for both learning and playing. Wooden toys, stacking ABC boxes, dolls accessories, cotton baby balls– all of these will serve another purpose than just playing. Take, for instance, the soft cotton baby ball – a delicate activity toy for babies. The ball has a rattle bell inside, and it stimulates the baby's senses and grasp reflexes and can also be useful when the baby grows into a toddler.