Bed Canopy - GOTS Creme White

€113.00 €90.40

Bed Canopy - GOTS Petroleum

€113.00 €79.10

Organic Bed Canopies

These pretty canopies are a dream come true for every child or grown up with a preference for romantic styling. They are made of organic cotton, OCS-certified and come in the several popular Cam Cam Copenhagen patterns. You can easily hang it from the ceiling on a little metal ring to create a wonderfully cozy place to relax, dream and play. Mix and match it with other Cam Cam Copenhagen products in the same or similar patterns and colours. How about matching bed linen, or a matching blanket to create a coherent expression in your child's room. Shop the bed canopies here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop. 

Build a fort or a princess bed

The possibilities are endless with the romantic Cam Cam Copenhagen canopies. Arrange it over your child's bed so they feel safe and protected in their cozy little canopy bed. Create a cozy little reading corner together with your children, where you can read stories to them and go on adventures. Include the canopy in a pillow fort and let the little ones shape their very own action stories or dreamy cuddle times. Matching Cam Cam Copenhagen blankets and cushions assist in creating the most inspirational, cozy children rooms. Get inspired and shop here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.